Campaign progress completely reset


The game crashed for me today (as it sometimes does) while playing a campaign mission. When I launched the game now, it acted as if it was a fresh install - asking me which UI version I want to select, “welcome to the community”, and most settings reset. And most importantly, campaign and historical battle progress is gone.

Now, thankfully, skirmish home cities and manual save games are intact, but as I found out, it’s possible to unlock where I was in the campaigns by using the manual saves, but a) it would be a lot of work to redo it again (I’m half/two thirds into all three campaign series as I like to jump between them), b) the previous missions get unlocked on the campaign list, but without a medal for finishing them.

I play through Steam, how can I restore this? Obviously nothing has been actually deleted, just something wrong with the sync. Also, knowing that this can apparently just happen, I need to know what to do if it ever does again.