Campaign scenarios in multiplayer

Hey there,

we’re trying to play the single player scenarios as a team of two in multiplayer. We managed to copy the scenarios to the right folder, etc.

My problem: I invite my partner into the lobby and assign him with the same player color (blue) and number as I am. Then I load one of the campaign scenarios. Now my partner always overwrites one of the AI opponents. In scenarios with only one opponent there will just be the two of us as blue player 1 in the lobby but no opponent left. In scenarios with, say, 5 opponents, there will be the two of us and only 4 opponents left, which breaks the scenarios I guess.

What are we doing wrong? Every hint is appreciated.

Kind regards

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You could try copying the scenario to the editor folder, opening it with the editor and manually adding another player, then assign one of you that new player?

You’d still have twice the units you’d have if you were both controlling the same player, but at least you wouldn’t lose any opponents?

Hi Surfysurf, Welcome to the forums!

When at the lobby, make sure to manually check that the AI players are on the right settings for the scenario.