Campaign: Slavs Hero: Dracula Scenario: 2. The Return of the dragon Errors: 2

Good day,

I have found a very big fault on this scenario. Additional one thing more which are also bad.

The first fault:
The player plays with the magyars and start the map on the village of moldavia, as the bottom right at the map. The enemies of the playable character “Vlad dracula” are the slavs. The player can only reach the bran castle above the camp and the mountain pass of the danesti, otherwise there is no other way from the village in moldova.

In the armed forces of the danesti at the mountain pass listed as number 4 of all fractions, 7 knights have 5100 hitpoints instead of 100, 3 spearmen have 5045 hitpoints instead of 45, 6 two handed swordsmen have 5060 hitpoints instead of 60 and at least 7 mounted archer have 5050 hitpoins instead 70. You see at this example, these 23 fighters of the armed forces of the danesti are heavy overpowered. No player can defeat these opponents, with just Vlad Dracula with his 230 hipoints and 4 chevaliers with 140 hitpoints as player units.

Added still to come that the player must pass the danesti camp with further 13 fighters of the danest, although they have normal live points, loose the player many health points of his 5 warriors inluding vlad dracula.

The only way to the bran castle only leads over this mountain pass. The three other ways to the bran castle are occupied two times with stones as an obstacle and one time with an allied hungarian village.

The second difficulty:
The player started the scenario at the village of moldavia, where the king “wojwode bogdan 2” gives the order, absolutely to reach the bran castle, in order to then be able to train new fighters.

But he does not give him any of his 15 warriors to take on the way to with his 4 warriors. You should have to change that and give these warriors along to vlad dracula. But these 15 warriors have very low life point values, with the exception of 2 chevaliers.

That means that even these warriors may not be enough to conquer the armed forces of the danesti on the mountain pass even with normal life points. I think therefore vlad dracula would need at least certainly 2 more chevaliers to accompany him.

At least:
When you have fixed these two errors, the player should be able to reach the castle tran through good combat and finally bring this scenario to an end. But with these two mistakes, one of them even very weighty with the 50 times increased life points at 23 danesti fighters, it is impossible to win this scenario number 2 of the dracula campaign.

I hope you will see these errors and correct them immediately. I am looking forward to your feedback on the matter.

They are not errors its how the scenario is need to kill the commander of the enemy camp and quickly run at the pass and reach the castle.

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You’re not supposed to fight them.