Campaign Suggestion: Co-op Campaigns have a similar style as singleplayer campaigns

What I mean by this is have co-op campagins also be selected from a map, even if limited one, due to only being 7. And have the next mission unlocked only after you beat the previous one in co-op. Have gold, silver and bronze scores at the end of it. And have 6 achivements for beating those co-op campaings.

It’s not much, but it’s a nice incentive/reward for the co-op campaign. The co-op campaings are great, but there just isn’t any sense of progression there. Especially when you can play whatever mission you want from the get go, and when you beat the campaign you get nothing to remind you of that, it’s like you didn’t even play it.


Just play the normal way and progress through the campaign.this Co op should not give any medals as its not a single person playing it.

So what if it’s not a single person playing it?

How do you measure who gets the achievement?lets say player A can only get bronz by himself player B has gold it a fair assessment if the co op both of you combined gets a bronz medal?

Also what’s the point of even having it when you can get it in the campaign itself,which is actually your skil level.

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In addition to what the others have stated, I don’t really see the need to make two separate threads when you could just post both of your ideas in the same one.

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You make the average of both of them, since it’s a co-op game.

How do you measure who gets the achievement in football since there are 11 players?

Trying to compare football to aoe2 is stupid in so many levels.

This I agree with.

I’m not so keen on this – especially because the co-op campaigns are based on the singleplayer ones, so players will often know the story, and may have a specific scenario they want to play as co-op.

I’m not too bothered about this personally, but it would be better than the current menu.

Both players get the achievement. This situation comes up all the time in MMOs, and that’s how they handle it (at least the ones I’ve played). Where’s the harm in a player getting an achievement when another player carried them?

The analogy works here, because the only relevant point (which, I’ll point out, you brought up) is that both co-op campaigns and football teams have more than one player.

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Trying to compare a team game with another team game is stupid in so many levels.

You can get achievements in team games too so why not in Coop Campaigns?
There are many coop or pure multiplayer games with achievements.
And yes of course you can always get bootsted but in AoE2 you can even get achievements in custom scenarios so you can just download special scenarios to farm achievements.

No I think it’s better to have individual threads so the conversation doesn’t get watered down.

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Europa Champions League should not exist as it’s not a single person playing it.

Probably, but I watch AoE2 tournament games like other people watch football games.

He was saying that co-op campaigns should not give medals because there are 2 people playing it. I pointed out that in football there’s 11 people playing it. And he thought comparing football to aoe2 is stupid completely missing the point that both co-op campaigns and football teams have more than one player.