Campaign Suggestion: Heroes respawn in base after they die in many maps

The issue Age of Empire 2 has as opposed to Warcraft 3 for example, is that in many missions, if essential heroes die you basically lost the map. This makes sense when you have a survival mission so to speak, or an escape mission, where the leader’s survival is the central thing of the mission.

But for other mission, say you have a force with the leader and have to invade other lands. Your leader’s death losing the game only makes you want to camp your leader in your base and send the rest of your army because it’s safer that way, his death could risk you the match. So for those campaign missions I think it would be cooler to have the essential hero respawn at the base if he dies. Maybe saying something about being wounded and returnting to the battle. This makes you want to have your leader lead your armies as there is no game loss anti-incentive if you lose it.

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this is already the case for the newer campaigns


Yes but would be great if the same would be made for all campaigns, including really old ones.

Hero units should be invulnerable. Their attack ability should be removed and they should provide buffs to nearby friendly units instead

What is the use of a unit that cant fight?if this method is given to a hero no one will use him and keep him/her in a base.

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I think Joan of Arc should be like that, but leaders that were decent fighters should be normal units

Heroes fight in some survival missions and small battles are okay.
In large campaigns, an unit stand for hundreds of soldiers, but a hero is just one man all the time.

Using that logic why can’t a hero unit represent the hero and his elite guard?

I don’t really agree with this logic tho, I don’t think it’s a good argument for having heroes be basically useless or boring

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Because heroes don’t always have elite guards.
In history, one man can literally do nothing in battles , few heroes are good soldiers, most of them are commanders and leaders. Some of them had joined battle but definitely not the frontline soldiers like how players are using them.
The RPG factor will make Warcraft 3 immigrants happy but it does not suit aoe2 .

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I think AoE2 should add a hero retraining feature.

The hero unit would be limited to you having 1 of it (like Town Centre before Castle Age) and you can retrain the hero in a certain building (Town Centre, Castle, Monastery, etc. depending on the hero).
This way there is no need for every scenario to have a trigger that respawns your hero and it doesn’t have to play the same two message every time.

This way when making a scenario you just have to enable the hero with a trigger and everything else will be the way it’s supposed to.
This would also allow to balance the cost and train time of the hero to be interesting.
You need the hero to complete the mission? Now it costs 1000 Gold and 5 minutes to retrain it. Better be careful, but you don’t instantly use when the unit dies.

The other thing would be to give most of the old hero units an aura so they are more then just a strong unit.

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I think 1000 gold and 5 minutes is way too much, you don’t want to make the player be afraid to lose his hero, because then he’ll just keep the hero in the base.

But I agree with the idea of it. Have the hero be trained in the base when he dies. Say 100 food, 100 wood and 100 gold, with a 40 seconds timer. So that you don’t want to lose him because it costs you a bit to bring him back, but also if you lose him it’s not the end of the world, you can manage.

That was just an example for a special scenario where you are supposed to protect the hero.
Not as the price an average hero unit should have.

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I see, makes sense.

I think special scenarios where you are supposed to protect the hero are a valid exception.