Campaigns in Hard

How is it that the difficult scenarios are all the same thing: 3-5 Post-Imperial, infinite-resource, fully built AI-cities ganging up on a Castle-Age, resource-limited, 3/4th flanked player?

When having a look at some walkthroughs, this has degenerated in a cheesing festival all around since a standard match seems conventionally unreachable.

Not sure if it is the definition of fun but it’s starting to wear me out. I have passed my share of campaigns in Hard but when I see the same pattern again of wave after wave of yet another AI player coming with completely diverse armies supported by cannons or trebuchets I know I did something wrong in the beginning.

This not no mention some of the supposed Tips are utter crap. Examples: raid the camps in the Alaric scenario to severely hamper the AI; Portuguese 4 use the pirates to quickly infiltrate the green player economic hub (good luck lasting 15 seconds with the thousand towers and units waiting for you only 10 min into the scenario)

What I missing here?

Just play the campaign on lower difficulty some people like a challenging game. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that show how they finished the campaign. It’s not impossible.


Either look up guides online (I can recommend Twest and Ornlu) or just play on a lower difficulty

A lot of scenarios have been tweaked recently to be made easier, but to be honest some of them were changed too much, this should be reserved for scenarios that simply are kinda broken, like Phyrrus 1