Campaigns of all civilizations

Age of Empires 4 campaigns are amazing, and from the moment you start playing them you can see their quality, but what wins the biggest prize are their cinematics and readings that remain at the end of the campaigns. That captures the essence of all Age of Empires, learning some history while playing an RTS game, as far as I’m concerned AGE4 has done it perfectly with their cinematics, however, the lack of campaigns is notable of the other remaining civilizations which are: Delhi, Abbasid, HRE, Chinese and now with the new civilizations of the Ottomans and Malians.

It is understood that making these cinematics has a very high cost, due to its incredible production and detail, but it would be a great detail if in the future they were adding the campaigns of the missing civilizations. It would be quite interesting to see those incredible cinematics of the cultures of other civilizations.


Honestly, I wouldn’t mind of they cut the cinematics entirely to bring more campaigns, I enjoyed the gameplay of them.


Personnally speaking, what I feel regret most is that we exactly have more exciting historical battles, but they are not included.
Just like Saladin regaining Jerusalem,and Richard the Lionheart participated in the Third Crusade, or Hulagu breaks through Baghdad.
Too many of them!


Truth be told, of all RTS I played, only AoE 2 had a campaign for each race/faction/civ
I doubt AoE 4 will get the same treatment

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It would be quite interesting to have those battles within the campaigns, and to have them documented in the cinematics and in the gameplay, just as they did in the campaign of the Normans, Mongols, Rus and French. That is the quality that I would like to see in the following campaigns. I very much agree with your point.

Exactly, in AGE2 all the civilizations that I understand have a campaign. However, it should be noted that in AGE2 less funds are needed compared to making a campaign in AGE4 much more funds are required, for all the production that it entails. So it would be good if they were taking out at least 1 campaign a year or 2 if we see it with more greed hehe

AoE2 does not have a campaign for every civ.

It does have a ton of campaigns though since they’ve added them over the years. It started with only 5 and one of those was the tutorial.

Starcraft 1/2 has a campaign for every faction as does Warcraft 1/2/3 as do pretty much all of the Command and Conquer games. However those games all have only 2-4 factions total.

I agree that I’d like to see more campaigns in AoE4, with or without the extra cinematics. Historical battles would also be good and probably easier to add.

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No, Aoe2 has a campaign or at least historical scenario for each civ.

It can’t be compares games with assynmetrical design and a couple of factions to someone that has more than 10. And even then, Aoe2 is an exception.

Ah well you just said campaigns before which is what I responded to.

I believe there are at least 6 civs that do not have a campaign, and a couple that don’t really, but are included in the Dracula campaign.

Only the Definite edition of AoE 2 has campaigns (for most civs), or at least “historical battle” for every civ

In Age of Empires 3 many civilisations do not have its campaign/missions

Yuri in Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 does not have own campaign

+1 for more campaigns/scenarios for AoE4

I completely agree. I too want more campaigns, ideally for the civilizations missing them.


Honestly, new campaigns would be a good idea. If a campaign that features the Ottomans is to be added, I’d wait for that until the Byzantines are added to AoE4.

For the hypothetical Ottoman campaign, we simple need Byzantines civilisation to be in AoE 4

I would like to note, there is no Ottoman campaign in AoE2 and AoE3, just 2 missions with Turks in AoE2

So AoE4 is right place for Ottoman campaign

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Agreed. Byzantines do need to be in AoE4 in order to have an Ottoman campaign. That’s why I suggested that we see an Ottoman campaign when the DLC that’s adding the Byzantines becomes a thing.

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Ottoman fought other forces beside Byzantines

It would be good to have Venice too, other Ottoman enemies can be represent by Holy Roman Empire, Abbasids and Byzantines