Can AI build walls?

It seems wall in AOE4 is an important system.

It will be great to see the AI build a large city with towers, walls and gates in skirmish or multiplayer.

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to answer the question - AI has to be able to usefully build walls. They were able to do so quite well, and there was an old AI from Age 2 Expansions which did mostly wall up :smiley:
However I am also interested to see how they will build

I think AI will able to build walls like us.

Sieges are going to be quite important in AoE IV, so I would totally expect the AI being able to build walls and towers efficiently.

I’d hold my breath in terms of what the AI can do and what it should be able to do are two different things. I’ve a feeling that it won’t be in the level we think of right now, but I hope I’m proved wrong here.

I can see the AI being at it’s best in the campaigns but in normal games not that great but only time will tell :slight_smile: