Can anyone explain Ranked in Definitive edition to me?

I’m confused by the “casual ranked” emblem, the ELO, and I had a game glitch out at start I think because of the opponent, but I got a defeat for it. That’s not a complaint I’m just wondering if that was a glitch or how it works. Wondering how the ranking works since I appear to be in the top 4000 players in 1v1 supremacy which doesn’t seem likely to me, but, IDK!

Sorry for so many questions, thanks!

Hey man.

They are still working on the insigns for the casual lobbies, for now just imagine the more it’s golden the more the player won games. But I’m not sur it does represent any skill or elo, they didn’t explain if u go backward when u loose games.

The real competitiv is now the Quicksearch system, with an elo system.

I’d say everything above 1400-1500 is captain up on legacy.

Being in the TOP4000 would mean you are a real beginner, but I have no idea about how PR that would be on legacy, maybe conscript or corporal ?

Thanks for the reply!

So is that “Top 4000” actually the top 4000 of player playing the quicksearch ranked? Meaning not many people are actually doing that/have played enough games to place? I’m gonna brag that I’m top 4000 to people who don’t know better either way of course…

Thanks again! I wish they would just be more transparent about this, and also fix it lol