Can Aztec have a hunting buff?

It is obviously that dev wants Aztec players try to use Coyote Runner (85food, 25wood) and Jaguar Warrior (90food, 30coin) in next edition. However, these two guys need too much food, and Aztec only has Hunting dog and Furrier to strengthen their hunting abilities, which is really difficult to feed them.

So, can Aztec have a better hunting buff? Like Great Hunter or Spice Trade? Or just restore the Calmecac to help Aztec using the Wise Woman for age3 and use the Agrarian Ways shipment?


Before I am talking about American natives market only have level1 hunt and goldmine tech problem, people here’s suggestion is you should build farm and plantation to do higher research :slight_smile:
Great answer 21

Well, now advanced farm gives a travois. Other hunting card seems redundant as lakota is the hunting focused civ while aztecs get fastest farms. In both cases, native americans are faster hunting than most civs after upgrades.

About Wise women from my POV their travois should be able to build plantations too. For aztecs it should be easier to get into farms to benefit their powerness.

The farm food collection techs apply to everything, including Hunts.

If you can hunt, you won’t farm, if you farm, usually that’s already run out of herd. :smiley:
Or hunt level 2 tech requires extra 400w in early game time is reasonable for you?

I know, reason I said advanced farm can be an option since this patch.

Months ago in other threads I share the idea of a reduced price for the first farm due to this fact. Maybe farm/plantation tech could be a bit cheaper and move some % to new tech as asians have for natural res

Just move the techs into market problem solved

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Youre getting 5 vills back in 2 and can wp boom(slightly nerfed tho) and have great water (not that anyone remebers native water these days) youll be fine in sustained age2 again.


lol, but the cost-effectiveness of these technologies is too low

21,spend 400 and 600 wood to unlocked the technology


Aztecs may need an evil card that kills enemy units and then gets food

agreed just have the techs in the market would solve like 90% of the problems

Aztecs need to lose the estate entirely and just get a single gold/food building. Call it the Chinampa and make it a 5-person building and give the Aztecs one from the start, and have it hold all their Market upgrades.

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so a mini hacienda? (could be an idea)

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Sorta. The Aztecs didn’t “farm” the way the game shows, they used Chinampas, which remain one of the most efficient farming systems into the modern day. Chinampas should be a unique Aztec farm and should be why the Aztecs are so ridiculously fast at farming - Be even better if they had a team card to give their teammates Chinampa wagons.

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aztec is not really good at sea battle without WP although they are good at fishing. that’s really terrible.

and WP boom is not a really good way to make you rich, not like other civ’s boom

Yes, or make aztec can use farmer to replace hunter in the middle of the game. But it is too strong, lol.

grandpa: my dear grandson, please send me your treasure by the time travel :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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