Can every knight charge?

How do you do the charge attack? On videos I’ve seen it’s just that the knights first impact when meeting enemy has a kind of ‘explosion’/dust effect that signifies a higher damage. So far I’ve not seen that when attacking with knights. I’m in the Norman campaign though maybe it’s disabled so far.

They can, but it has hidden minimum and maximum ranges, and cooldown. They really need to put this information in the tooltips.

The cooldown you can kind of tell because they will hold a lance once it’s ready.

It’s very easy to over micro the knights and cancel their charge from happening due to the minimum range, once they start the charge you should avoid changing targets with them until they complete it.


Good information. Yeah the cooldown etc should be in the UI for the knight when selected.

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Honestly I would prefer it to be a castable ability that cavarly have.
Making them charge consistently is a little too janky atm.

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Oh I agree, give it it’s own button, show the range when you hover over it, cooldown would be in the tooltip and shown clearly on the button.

It’s a little strange, they introduce a cool mechanic, but in what I assume is an effort to keep things simple for all players they leave out all information about it and make it trigger automatically. It makes it annoying for us, and if they did implement it how we’re saying or at the very least put in the relevant information on how it works casual players wouldn’t know the difference anyway.