Can game run on 2GB ram?

When I was a kid I used to play age of empires, and I love the game so much.
Now I’m thinking about buying the definitive edition, but I have a problem, I own a notebook which has 2 GB ram only and I can’t increase it by adding extra ram, I searched the web and didn’t find anyone who played the game on 2 GB ram.
I am aware that the minimum requirements to run the game is 4 GB ram, however I see it is a simple game, so why does it need so much ram?
Anyway, my notebook specs are:
14.1 HD Display
Intel HD 500 shared Graphic card
2 GB ram
Quad core processor (64 bit)
emmc memory + Micro SD card sandisk (ultra).

Can anybody tell me if it is possible to run the game?!

Doubt that, I tried it with 4GB and it ran quite slowly already. You could try it only if you didnt wanted to go past the menus. Oh, and your graphics card is not enough either. No chance, sorry.

Probably not. Even cellphones have more memory these days. Bro it is time for you to upgrade. or just play in low setting. Sorry to say that.

The game itself doesn’t necessarily take over 2 GB of RAM, but with xbox live and every other background program running it is unlikely to work with 2 GB of ram.

With the 1x zoom and 1v1 or 2v2 when i play the AOE:DE it takes Maximum of 2,5 GB of RAM, but takes 1,5 GB of VRAM.

With that Notebook the game will not run, but an older computer (yr. 2010) with 3 GB of RAM and a video card with 1 GB of VRAM the game should run 2 vs 2 without problem at 1x zoom.

This game can take almost 10 GB of RAM if the zoom level is set to 4x and there is 8 players with multiple units and buildings on the map.

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I tried the game on a 2008 computer with 8800M GTX and 4 Gb RAM… and after 2 warning messages, the performance was very poor, something like 0.5 FPS, units hardly responding to orders etc. so 2 Gb… ^^ (Ok, don’t know if it’s graphics card’s fault or RAM but… this game demands some power ^^)

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8800M GTX has Direct X 10.
The game requires Direct X 11.

But well… the game still runs ^^ it told it uses Warp driver, as far as I understood, it seems to emulate ‘missing’ DX11 things but… hardly.

If you are stalling at single player game, why not to try buying?