Can he sit down?

he is flying.


hahah, Look a little funny.

Just for a bit of context, you don’t always sit your backside down on the horse’s back. If he’s walking, sure. But if he’s at a gallop in the middle of a battle, you’d find that experience… uncomfortable since the horse’s bouncing and its back is flexing as it runs. You hold on with your thighs. You could check out video of this to see it more clearly. If you watch show competitions, you might see the European saddle. If you watch rodeos you’ll see Western saddle. If you watch a horse race like Belmont Stakes or Preakness you’ll clearly see all of those jockeys not seated, but supporting their own weight with the stirrups and their thighs. There are video of people riding bareback, no saddle that you can watch, too. Some of the demonstrations of traditional horseback archery are really impressive.

I know what you’re pointing out. The guy is probably intended to look seated, but I wouldn’t be upset if this one wasn’t top priority for a fix.


This is obviously a hilarious mistake. But actually when man is riding fast on horseback, it’s a skill to squat on the horse with feet on stirrups rather than to sit on the saddle. it makes the rider feel comfortable.

Hemorrhoids… Not a laughing matter!

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well, now he has a red cloth covering that…