Can I add the banner carried by Arrow Knight to Coyote and Chinu Runner by modding?

Is there a easy way to make a mod adding the banner carried by Arrow Knight to Coyote and Chinu Runner, and still compatible to multiplayer?

I tried to copy the modding method used in the official mods liked the Winged Hussar mod. But I can’t figure how it works and somehow it becomes uncompatible to multiplayer.

If I just mod the original DDT file, it works fine:

But if I mod the ddt file directly, the original Arrow Knight will be affected too. I want different units have different flags, so I copied the DDT files to another new folder, and wrote the new path into the XML file of Coyote Runner. Then I got the wrong result:

How should I solve this?

The error is here.
If I use the second text it will work like.
If I use the first text it will have wrong result.
What did I do wrong?

I uploaded the mod unlisted.
I would be much appericated If anyone could take a look.

Last time I modded this game was way back to original aoe3, so I’m not 100% sure, but I would say your problem is that you use the same flag for coyote runner as the arrow knight.

‘’ arrow_knight\ak_banner ‘’ refers to arrow knight’s flag only. Therefore, you should create a new flag like
‘’ coyotte_runner\ak_banner ‘’ as an example.

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For your first one, is that a custom GR2 and does it have a material file set up for it? If not that may be the cause.

The second one it looks like you’re using material variants, which would be the way to set up custom banners for each unit if you’re going to use the existing GR2s.

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I tried to copied the files to different folders and watched the result, but I still have no luck…

I don’t know what the GR2 files are, so I just copied them if I need to. I also found that if I override any exsiting GR2 file by modding, the mod will be multiplayer incompatible. So I avoided to edit them if possible.

But after reading your reply, I sensed that GR2 files probably include the essential information about the path of the textures, so I found this great tool (on this page:, and modified the GR2 to fit the correct path of the edited textures files. But I still get the wrong result like the second picture.

About the material variants, I did try to use them to see if I can get the result I want. But It did not work (at all), so I delete the texts I added as an experiment, by adding “< ! - - " and " - - >” to change them into notes as the third picture.

It shouldn’t be that hard to get the effect I want, but I just can’t make it work. After trying for two days to add various texts in the XML files, I don’t know what else I can do now… :face_exhaling:

Thanks for the replys!

I guess I have finally found where the problem is.

I didn’t convert the XML file back to XMB files. It’s wierd, but I need “both” XML and XMB to get the job done. Not XML.XMB, nor XML only. I need “both” of them.
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I did not notice this, because sometimes I only need to put XML files to make the mod work.

Anyway I can finally focus on the textures.

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