Can I buy old AOE 3

Hi, I have a question… Can I still buy the old AOE 3 which was released in 2007 because I love this game but my PC won’t run the DE version because it’s heavy for my PC… and 2nd If I buy the old AOE 3, will I be able to play with my friends online who have new AOE DE version.

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yes, the old version is still available for purchase, although it does cost almost twice as much money:

Absolutely not, the games are completely different at this point and cannot be compatible. DE has introduced tens of thousands of changes and doesn’t even use the same online platform / servers.


Heyy are you mexican? I am too, and yes, in Mexico DE cost is so low, like $180 and i got it in $120 or something xd but in USA and someplaces i think is higher, like the double, i think almost the same or a bit more than the Legacy one, in Latin American countries the cost for DE is lower than usual iirc