Can I change my Age of Empires 2 DE user name?

The name “JoinedUnicorn75” is just too impersonal - besides, I sold my Xbox (actually returned to Amazon) because my 4K monitor wouldn’t work with it!

Changing your Steam or Xbox username (depending on which version of game you use) should work.

You are right. Changing the Xbox name did the trick. But my old name still shows up as before in the group discussions as "JoinedUnicorn75 , but I’m happy because whenever I play AoE2DE, my name now correctly shows up as “Castle Rock.” [“Rock” is my actual last name].

@DodoNotDoDo Have any idea, why his name was not changed in these forums after changing xbox name? So he can “rock” these forums instead of being an :unicorn: :smiley:

@JoinedUnicorn75 usually logging off the forums and logging back on will force an update.