Can I disable DLCs in ranked?

my situations is this: I haven’t played ranked in a while and want to get back into it. I don’t like to pick civs, but also don’t want to get overwhelmed with all the new civs.
I understand I can’t stop my opponents playing them, but if I disable the DLCs the random option can still give me the DLC civs (tried in singleplayer skirmish)
Is there any way I can play aoe2DE as if I never bought the DLCs?

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Of course you cannot. Imagine unactivate DLC your probability to find a game would close to 0…

Did you think before asking that question ?


maybe I wasn’t clear enough.
What I want is to set my account to the state it was before i bought DLC:
if my opponent and I both pick ‘random’, I can only get the civs I bought, and the same for them. They can play with the civs they bought

how does this reduce the probability to find a game? no need to be so hostile

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Now that you’ve explained, it’s even worse. You want your individual choice to play without DLC to impact other players by forcing them to play with old civs too.

I’m not being hostile, I’m just trying to show you that what you’re asking for isn’t possible because it’s detrimental to the other players.

Edit : After your edit, I still don’t get it. It seems that what you’re asking for is already the state of things.


You can disable DLC on steam. In steam preferences, remove dlc from your account. This method will also remove the civ from the random pool unlike in simple dlc disable option where only campaigns are disabled. You can later restore it in steam support if you want to.

Click on the “Help” button (top left of the steam window), then “Steam Support” → “Games, Softwares, etc” → search for the game to delete, click it → “I want to permanently remove this product from my account”.


I explicitely stated twice that this is NOT what I want.
all i want is that when a random civ gets picked for me, it doesn’t pick the ones from the #############

Thank you for responding. Are you sure this isn’t permanent?

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Yes I use it myself. It is not permanent. You can repeat remove and restore as many times as you want to.