Can I have at least a stable 100 fps in this game?

Hello everyone, and I’ll say right away that I understand that most players are satisfied with 60 fps. Unfortunately, I am not one of them and I have to choose between high fps, but poor graphics (the very minimum), or normal graphics (but fps drawdowns) and it’s sad. At the beginning of the game, I have a stable 100-110, but approaching the late game, the fps may drop to 60-70. I would like to ask knowledgeable people if I bought myself a more powerful processor, would it help me or do I need to accept that the optimization in the game is not the best? I have:
Intel Core i7-8700 + RTX 3080 and 32 GB RAM.

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Lag in this game needs to be improved too. Should be like when your playing a skirmish.

Would think its improved from playing rts games on a 56k modem

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Yes, I think your CPU is almost certainly the problem. I sometimes play on 2 PCs to test scenarios, with the following specs:
1 - i7 6700T, 1660 super
2 - 5800X3D, 3080

With both playing at 1440p, 1 can drop to around 19 fps, I don’t know what fps 2 would do, I have it set to a limit of 120 and it never falls below that. A 3080 isn’t 6x as fast as a 1660 Super, so it has to be the CPU.


Thank you, it’s great to know that someone has already tested it.

Here I am happy to get over 50 :upside_down_face: