Can I have at least a stable 100 fps in this game?

Hello everyone, and I’ll say right away that I understand that most players are satisfied with 60 fps. Unfortunately, I am not one of them and I have to choose between high fps, but poor graphics (the very minimum), or normal graphics (but fps drawdowns) and it’s sad. At the beginning of the game, I have a stable 100-110, but approaching the late game, the fps may drop to 60-70. I would like to ask knowledgeable people if I bought myself a more powerful processor, would it help me or do I need to accept that the optimization in the game is not the best? I have:
Intel Core i7-8700 + RTX 3080 and 32 GB RAM.

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Lag in this game needs to be improved too. Should be like when your playing a skirmish.

Would think its improved from playing rts games on a 56k modem

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Yes, I think your CPU is almost certainly the problem. I sometimes play on 2 PCs to test scenarios, with the following specs:
1 - i7 6700T, 1660 super
2 - 5800X3D, 3080

With both playing at 1440p, 1 can drop to around 19 fps, I don’t know what fps 2 would do, I have it set to a limit of 120 and it never falls below that. A 3080 isn’t 6x as fast as a 1660 Super, so it has to be the CPU.


Thank you, it’s great to know that someone has already tested it.

Here I am happy to get over 50 :upside_down_face:

Which CPU would you recommend for this game people? I think I can switch from i7-8700 to i5 12600K and new DDR5. This should significantly improve performance or should I accept that optimization is in this game is junk?

You might consider waiting for the next gen 3D-Vcache CPU from AMD (successor to the 5800x3D). For now, I don’t think most of the option are worth the upgrade cost and the electricity bill


Thanks for the good advice :slight_smile:

What resolution are you running at? If we can work out a way for us to be running the same thing, I can tell you what fps my 5800X3D + 3080 gives when running uncapped with vsync off. Maybe we could both play a 4v4 vs hardest AI starting in age IV with max resources, quickly spam close to 200 knights and see what fps we both get? I’m not suggesting you get a 5800X 3D at this stage, as if you don’t already have an AM4 setup, you might as well get the AM5 platform when the 7xxxX 3D chips come along, but it would give you an idea how much difference the CPU is making.

1920×1080 Full HD and vsync off , I also have a second monitor, but I don’t think it affects performance. I also have some strange problem, in game FPS limit is disabled (someone told me a long time ago that it increases fps a little) but on the charts I see that there is a limit of 144 fps (it wasn’t before). In any case, the above good advice has already been advised, wait for new CPU with cool technology. Even if it doesn’t help, then I’ll just accept the fact that Relic Entertainment don’t know how make good optimization in their games with their engine.
I played CoH2 so I know what I’m talking about :smiley:
Also CoH 3 will be released in half a year, i am sure there will be the same situation…

I recorded some test footage for you to compare against what you get:

OBS recording probably reduced the fps a bit. Should give you some idea of the size of the difference. I also tried it at 1440p and the framerate mostly seemed the same as at 1080p, which does suggest it’s all about the CPU. It might take a bit of time for YouTube to make the 1080p version.

Wow, thanks a lot. Watched video, yea, looks like my CPU is bottlenecking, now I’m 100 % sure.
Also, the video quality is still 360, although you uploaded it an hour ago, I don’t know why, but in any case I was able to see the fps counter.

This might interest you as well:

I’d say that what he’s using as the benchmark there is nowhere near as demanding on the CPU as the late stages of a real game, but even so, you can see that there is little difference in frame rate at 1080p between 3070Ti, 3080 and 3080Ti, meaning that even in that relatively undemanding scenario, the 5900X is becoming the bottleneck, and obviously that’s a much more powerful CPU than the i7 8700.

Another thing you could do, just to be absolutely certain, is to look at your GPU usage during gameplay. I’ve found that task manager doesn’t show correct usage, which confused me for a while, as I could tell from the display on my 3080 itself that it was being pushed harder than task manager suggested. I’ve found that CPUID’s HWMonitor appears to display correct GPU usage. If you run it up, then run the game, then when you have a frame rate lower than you’re happy with, alt tab to HWMonitor, and I believe the GPU % it shows is correct, even when AoE IV isn’t showing on screen. If your 3080 is showing as well under 100% utilised, then you know for certain your CPU must be the limiter. One test I did was to set resolution scale to 25% just to be absolutely sure the GPU can’t be the limiter, and late in a test game when I was seeing 120fps, the 3080 was only around 35% utilised, so even the 5800X3D was only good for around 120fps in that situation. At the start of that game it was giving 280fps.