Can i play AOE complete edition wih RE?

Is possible to play AOE complete edition wih RE ?

I have complete edition and my friend RE.

RE? You mean DE (definitive edition). They are not compatible.

RE (Robot Entertainment patch) is the same as complete collection (2007) version on Steam, so yes.

If you actually mean DE (Definitive Edition), then no, that’s the remastered version of AoE3 which is pretty much a different game and not compatible with the 2007 legacy game.


as long as both players are playing on either TAD, Vanilla, Warchiefs or Definitive edition then you can play with 1 another.

so if 1 has CD version of TAD then you can play with them using the steam version of TAD.

if 1 is on definitive edition and the other 1 is on TAD then you can not play with 1 another.

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