Can I play the PUP if I bought the game through the Microsoft Store and not Steam?

Wondering if there is a way to play the Age IV Public Update Preview Program (PUP) if I bought the game through Microsoft and not Steam.


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If I bought it on steam can I automatically access the PUP? or how??

Apparently not.

I didn’t buy it, but I got game pass specifically to play AOE4. I know Steam is great and all, but man it feels weird being pushed away from the publishers platform to get exclusive content.

I’d be playing right now if I could…

Copied from their Steam post:

Starting now, owners on Steam can access the Age IV PUP by following the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to your Steam library and right click on Age of Empires IV
  2. Select “Properties…” at the bottom of the menu
  3. Select the “BETAS” tab on the left
  4. In the “Select the beta…” dropdown menu, select “future_live”
  5. The build will begin downloading—once complete, you are ready to play!
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Thanks for the thoughtful response.

Yeah it’s a strange thing that it’s only on Steam and not the Microsoft Store. But it’s also the case with the PUPs for AoE 2 and 3.

Tbh store is just was to complicated for such things.
Needing the xbox thingy, just to be able to register for something, not being able to change the language, and so on.
Moving the games to steam, was the best thing they could have done.

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