Can I sponsor a tournament?

Without publically going into too much detail, I had a substantial lottery win, and would love to donate some money towards a big tournament! I’ve been a big fan of this game and would love to do something to help put it on the map, and try and make it better!

I have no experience with gaming or eSports really (I’m just a 1000 elo nobody), I don’t want to do any of the work, just donate something to a prize pool and maybe get some cool opportunities in return maybe like a coaching session with a winner?

Whats the best way to go about this? Are the EGC team on here? And is that something they even do?


you could direct message the ECG team on Twitch, that’d probably work. Or a direct message on twitter. That’s awesome btw, congrats.

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people like you make this world a better place .


Thanks, but this is my “selfish” spend, to be honest I’m doing this one purely for me!

I hope I can make a real difference in people’s lives too with this opportunity, but this one is my guilty pleasure lol


Hello there! I’m Lord_patito, general admin of EGC. Thanks for your interest. I will wrote you a PM

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Hello guys! sorry to ask again, but does anyone have a way to contact this person? we are very interested in reaching him out :slight_smile: ← Official website (There is a chat option)
Elite Gaming Channel <— Official Discord <— Twitter


He’s usually pretty active on the Fourms, I’m sure you’ve tried sending him a PM but he should see this @Yellowaoe

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thanks! hope we manage to contact him :slight_smile:

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