Can I still run the game with ApI feature level 11 if other minimum system requirements are met?

Hi, I have a question to ask,
My computer’s graphic card(geforce gtx960m) seems to be better then the one on the minimum requirements stated. And all other minimum requirements are met.
Also I checked and it says that my pc can run it.
However one thing that worries me is that on the Microsoft store page it states that the graphic card must be able to support directx12 with api feature level 12 and it turns out mine only supports directx12 with feature level 11

Could that be a problem to run the game?

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Im using a 760… had no issues

960m supports dx12 Iirc.

It supports directx lvl12 however on Microsoft store it states that you need directx12 with api hardware feature level 12, and my hardware supports directx12 with hardware feature level 11 which implies that my computer doesn’t meet that requirement.
I have seen people not being able to run plenty of games because of that.

If you are talking about the beta it also worked on my pc, but it has different system requirements than the full game.

Oh lord. Please tell me that doesnt mean my old rig wont be able to run the full game!!! :flushed:

Noob question: does that mean I need a new GPU?…

If your graphics card supports only up to api feature level 11 than its very likely that you will need a new one
However it might be worth it to wait until launch or until we get some clarification from the devs about that matter, because if I turns out the game can run on our pcs than its a waste of money.
Our graphic card should be way better than Intel hd 520 which is a minimum requirement, however intel hd 520 supports api feature level 12 even though it can’t really run most games.
If you run dxdiag and select display something like this should turn up, if the most u have is 11_1 like mine is than we might need to get a new gpu or in my case a new pc

Note that this image is not from my computer.
I do recommend to wait first to find more info about this.

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