Can ms store players see lobbies from steam players?

I own the game on microsoft store, and was wondering if I’m able to see the lobbies created by steam users, since I can only see like 3 lobbies at once. I hope it’s not just the game being that dead.

I play on build 35199 which should be the latest one.

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Edit: Go to microsoft store and check for updates. If still doesn’t update, click on install on this device and it’ll just download the update for you, at least that’s what worked for me. After the update works fine.

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I know mine is up to date based on the patch log and forcing downloads. However, no one seems to really be on. I see a few lobbies but they are in other countries or for “experts”. I was wanting to play vs the AI. I spent about 25 minutes in a hosted lobby before I got a few people. I think the player count is low :frowning:

@Totalymew Player count is just way too low. Nothing new and surprising. Game feels now and then a bit dead.

@cthuntas your post is totally unrelated to author’s question

That’s too bad, I was hoping the steam release would increase the playerbase a bit, but it’s almost impossible to find a lobby.