Can my computer handle AOE 3 def edition?

Guys… is my 2019 surface laptop 3 gonna be able to play this? All I got is intel iris plus graphics. I do have the 16gb model with the i7. Seems to play AOE 2 definitive edition fine. Even with the UHD settings on. Thoughts?

I believe it’s gonna run just fine. Though the 3D factor may put some stress on your rig. We’ll have to see, I guess.

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Google for " can I run it"
it’s a website, where you can check what games your PC is able to9 run (:


what is your GPU? GPU means more in AOE 3 from my understanding.

He’s using the APU from his CPU
so his CPU is also handling the graphics…

Your surface 3 is defenetly good enough to run 3de just fine.

It can, just not very well. You might want to get a rig that’s actually meant for gaming.

The surface 3 is more than good enough to run the game o.o its from 2019 and inter APUs are okay

Can I play this if I have no Win 10 ? :confused:

aoe2 de isn’t supporting another OS except win10
same for aoe3 de
but some win7 players can play aoe2de in some ways,but not offical support

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Thanks for ur answer. In my case I have Win 8 (Yes, I know XD ). I could play perfectly all AoE 1-3, but idk if AoE 3 DE will run well with this Win

People run the game with Linux
so there are always work around ways.

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Yes but not offical support

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Thanks for ur answers :slight_smile:

well the obvious choice here is to upgrade to windows 10, weird you havn’t already with that horrible mobile tag along nonsense.

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Ofc, but in the past they didnt give me the choice to upgrade, just Win 7 users. And now this PC has some years and I decided to not upgrade paying. Waiting for a new PC

huh, i could upgrade from windows 8 to 10 no problem.