Can not complete the Illinois challenge

Is it a bug or this I miss something? It says “build 4 mills in a single skirmish game” (for the USA civ challenge). No specific civ, so I used the French, built 4 mills, resigned, didn’t work. Went back, built 6, completed the game until both AI surrenders, not working either.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

EDIT: I was logged in to my Xbox account, I had completed some previous challenges before that, during the same evening.

Have you press “begin” button??

you need to win the game not resign

I had done all that. It was a glitch.
“Resign” works for some challenges, like the Mississipi one with the Ironclad, as soon as I got it, I resigned and I completed the challenge.

Anyway, it was a glitch, as I restarted a new game with another civilization and it worked fine this time, with 4 mills.

So what’s the deal here. I have five mills built, have won the game, but I’m not getting credit. Is there a specific civilization requirement that’s not listed?

There is no specific requirement other than a european civilization that build mills.

What I had to do was to play another game and it worked. I can’t remember which civ I picked, might have been the French the second time around.

Anyway, on the second try, it worked.