Can not hunt two elephants at the same time

Please keep this feature. So many gamers complain about this problem. I think that is a good feature, the good player needs it.

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Please explain further.

Do you mean luring them to your base or storage pit, or when you kill two elephants close to your storage pit? They will always start and finish the one closest to the storage pit. When the resource is depleted they will continue to the next closest hunted elephant or they will hunt one nearby themselves.

Last game I hunted 4 elephants and in the middle I did put a storage pit with around 15 villagers. Above 7 there is almost no space for the other villagers and they hunted a new elephant automatically. A few minutes later, all elephants were hunted and gone.

Yes, I mean luring them one time. Good player needs it.

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I can imagine that this is hard to micro at highest game speed. So actually you mean that the time span between the elephant following you and holding still before going back to it’s previous position should be increased. Yet when one of the elephants gets taunted too much it will hunt you without stopping anyway so then you lack the time of targeting the second one.

I agree the game could still use a little bit more balancing in the higher game speeds in favor to micro. The same I would like to opt for chariot archers, they might slow down the repetition of them shooting arrows just a little while keeping the speed and damage the same.

Please watch this video : at 2:00
Expert players really need that feature.

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What he is trying to say is to lure 2 or more elephants at same time, usually done with 1 villager. From what i understood he saying it’s broken in current game. I’ve not tested it recently so i don’t know how it has been affected in current aoe de patch. If it’s true, it needs to be fixed because it hurts the gameplay specially in pro / expert level.

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Happily it has been fixed in latest patch.

Thank for this update
Now I can luring 2 elephants on time