Can not install AoE 2 DE from microsoft store

I cannot Install the game from the store on my pc. I purchased the game on 16 August and it never start installation on my pc until 19 of august when I reinstalled Windows 10 on my pc. on 19/08/2020 I had success: I downloaded, installed and played the game. on the morning of 20/08/2020 he game not started. I’ve done a wsreset: nothing. I Uninstalled the game and I tryed to reinstall it. Install did not start and up today cannot install the game. When I try to install it I receive a message from the store: running installation seems is operating on my pc. But no installation if operating really.
I know only a thing: I paid for the app, and I don’t have the app.
I playd with it only once.
The game was purchased on I’ve got a code that a redeemed on microsoft store.