Can not Repair the bridge to Xiangyang

Can not Repair the bridge to Xiangyang in the Campaign The Mongol Empire The Fall Of Xiangyang. I destroyed the keep, not option to start the repair. The other 3 bridges repaired no problem. In the videos I saw, the whole bridge had outline when mouse over. I am Window 10, Laptop.

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My game was bugged and I was also unable to repair the bridge. I tried many different angles, and finally this one worked:

Thank you for the bug report @BegFourMercy and @LaminateCone630! I’ve logged it so we can track it internally.

Appreciate it!

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also having this issue, even with the newest update. no matter what angle or position I try to repair with

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Having same issue with this quest, no angles working

The team will look into this @Delta0neGhost!