Can not Repair the bridge to Xiangyang

Can not Repair the bridge to Xiangyang in the Campaign The Mongol Empire The Fall Of Xiangyang. I destroyed the keep, not option to start the repair. The other 3 bridges repaired no problem. In the videos I saw, the whole bridge had outline when mouse over. I am Window 10, Laptop.

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My game was bugged and I was also unable to repair the bridge. I tried many different angles, and finally this one worked:

Thank you for the bug report @BegFourMercy and @LaminateCone630! I’ve logged it so we can track it internally.

Appreciate it!

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also having this issue, even with the newest update. no matter what angle or position I try to repair with

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Having same issue with this quest, no angles working

The team will look into this @Delta0neGhost!

Obviously you have not fixed this issue. No matter how many times I restart this quest, the problem remains. No place to repair the bridge period.

@MAXCOM this is one that should be fixed. Do note that if you are trying to repair with soldiers, they don’t have a “repair” animation. But if you select the bridge, you’ll see the health number increasing.

If you are indeed unable to repair the bridges, contacting support Is probably the best way to go. However, if you can capture a short video, I can make sure we take a look. Thanks!

Unbelievable I still cannot get past this. I’ve been stuck on this mission for 8 months now because I cannot repair the bridge. Every now and then I come back to this game and see if it fixed but it’s still not fixed!