Can only categorize a mod as a scenario or campaign

Good Evening! I’m trying to update my graphics mod (it only changes png images of the UI and all of a sudden it only lets me categorize it as a scenario or a campaign, even if I don’t upload the file, so I don’t think I have any disallowed files in there. What coudl cause that isse?
Thanks in advance

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Hi @daehiise, Age of Empires: DE did not receive the same mod support as did Age of Empires II: DE and Age of Empires III: DE. That being said, it should technically be possible for the Age of Empires web development team to add support for additional mod types for Age of Empires: DE on the Age of Empires website without requiring a game update. I have reached out to a web dev for follow-up on this request because it has been made before.