Can only see games from USWEST server and nothing else?

As title. Can only see games on USWEST and can’t host anything other than “default server” which I have no idea what that is.


I think there is a server maintenance going on right now, only 30 minutes. Hope it fixes all issues.

Glad it’s being worked on quick at least …

is your problem fixed? im in australia, and the only server i can seem to select is default. and this puts me in an west india server. 250 MS ping its unplayable.
Any help would be amazing.

I’m AU yeah. Ranked mm works for me but lobby is USWEST only. I don’t see anything in the connection tab, unlike the test.

I was playing last night at about 7pm EST. I’m in Europe.
It was nearly impossible to find / join a game.
Rarely more than 4 games showed ( most of these private ) All USWest Servers

When a game did show that was public, 90% of the time it wouldn’t let me join and say something like no empty slot available - when there was 7 slots open. I’d refresh and the game would still be there with 1/8 etc.

I can’t say about Ranked because the game wouldn’t let me pass the ranked bench mark settings despite my system more than being capable compared to the recommended hardware
Hoping this is just teething problems

Have you tried creating a game and seeing if people can join your lobby? I’ve noticed that nobody is joining my lobby, indicating that they can’t see it on their lobby browser. Also - when my friend creates a game, I’m unable to see his game either (and vice versa). It seems like only certain people are able to create games and have them appear on the lobby browser, which might be what’s driving this issue.

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Same problems with me and my mates. But every now and then. We can see each other in the lobby list. But its defaulting me to south east Asia, and west India. I’m australian.

I too have this problem, I am on east coast and only see west. While I now see options to host on different servers (instead of only default like last night), when I host from any of them nobody ever joins

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  • Are you still seeing this issue?

Just off a all night gaming session there :slight_smile:

Server issues seem to be fixed. I was able to see European servers and join etc

The servers themselves Ran smooth as butter apart from a teammate disconnecting early one game.

Performance bugs also seem to be fixed for me anyway, not sure if that’s because I installed the high Def package or because of a patch. I also updated drivers / windows etc

I can only see BRAZILSOUTH servers in the list.

Checked right now and also last night. I can see any server in Spectate tab tho…

Quick update: I can see a single KOREACENTER server too.

Quick Update 2: I can see a single EASTUS server, maybe not many people active ?

Sounds like it’s working as per normal. Let us know if that changes.

I still can only see WESTUS2 Games. Spectate tab I can see games from all over the world.

What region are you located in? Are you seeing this on Microsoft Store or Steam?

I also see only lobbies from my region (EUWEST). If i set a filter to show a specific server i get no lobbies at all, if the filter is set to EUWEST i see the same as with the filter set to “any”.

Edit: Steam version

I use the Steam version.

Is this bug solved? i see it solved for a while but now i can see only EUwest server

I now see servers from UKWEST, WESTEUROPE, and KOREACENTRAL but nothing else. Possible no games are available on other servers right now I suppose… If I host my own game and click on Lobby Browser should I be able to see my own game?

@ShulkerBGaming @Marra333 -

Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like both of you are seeing more servers then before, but still having issues?

Just to check, are your search settings set to find all games? or a specific region?

Are you able to create in any region?


Are you able to create lobbies in all regions?

What region are you located in?