Can research camel handling multiple times

If you have multiple blacksmiths you can start researching camel handling from each blacksmith and complete researching all of the camel handling techs making camels super fast.


hahaha along with the infinite range spearmen, seems we know conclusively which civ the devs thought were the weakest…


just tried that on a skirmish and how did this pass on to live!

I think it works with any of the techs that got moved from the House of Wisdom to the blacksmith. I could be wrong though, I actually only play AoE2, and pretty much all of my AoE4 knowledge comes from these forums.

So are you saying that the patch was barely tested? Dam i this l relic should be moved from Canada to Texas

On the bright side, this could mean that Relic’s programmers are using some kind of multi thread techniques or something… Otherwise, between this and the relic duplication bug, I really don’t understand how can these bugs happen, I’m only a part-time indie game dev, but my codes will never have these problems. Because even if two things look simutaneously in game, they would still follow a sequence in my codes. In AoE IV it’s as if many condition checks are non-sequential.