Can somebodey relate that the GRAPHICS look like another mobile Clash of clan, Forge of Empires pay to win game?

I’m pritty dissapointed about the graphics. As a true Age of Empires lover as a child I was verry Happy with AOE2 & AOE3 and the remasterd versions.

The graphics in the previeuw fan video’s do look like ANOTHER Clash of Clans, Forge of Empires,… Just another mediocre game where it’s all about pay to win and childs. If their goal is to reach young players maybe it isn’t even a bad Idea, but otherwise it’s dissapointed. Al the cool new features will get lost in childish the graphics.


They look perfectly fine, but I’m sure there will be an option for you to have it look better. Probably called “lowest” in presets


If so, that would be amasing