Can someone explain ths?

So this was interesting. I played against an ottoman player this morning. He went with the Nazhim spam route. He wasn’t very good and I won without to much effort. Looking at the stats I was puzzled by a 3000 gain of resources instantly the player got in age 2. I’m 99.9 convinced it’s cheating but if so why just once?

Anyone have any other ideas what might have occured?

If you have the ability to do this why stop at one delivery. Is this a principled cheater or simply


Is it that card that swaps food for wood that they usually use when doing the nizam strat?

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He used sublime porte. Which converts food into about 3k wood if executed correctly. This is what makes the nizam rush work in the first place. 2k wood is used for the nizam alone.

Wow a 3000 resource card in age two. I’m guessing it has some drawbacks. This shows how much I’ve played ott’s. I’ll look this up thanks.

It trades the current amount of food for x1.25 wood

Seems odd. You would think the graph would only show the net gain as it is mostly a transfer more than anything else.

Yeah, thats one of the reasons I suggested to add a graph with the resources on stock too.

The current graph add the resources got as gathered instead the difference.

Something similar happens with Heavy Fortifications which shoots up the player’s score drastically once the shipment arrives.