Can someone help me with the Masterpiece Achievement?

This is the last achievement I need to get but I have no friends that are able to play this game when I’m available, it should only need 10 seconds and then we could play a normal game after if you wanted.

I’ve done a few games 1v2 and 1v3, but one was an AI and a 1v2v3 (which turned into 1v5), but never had the specific setup for the achievement, help a brother out - I can also help if you’ve got an achievement you need help with

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Just create a 3v1 noobs only unranked lobby and if you are about to lose give them the GG and ask them politely to resign to get the achievement (and offer yourself to do the same for them if they ask)
That’s what I did, first game, managed to kill an opponent but got steamrolled by the other 2 and they still gave me the win because I asked nicely
Might not get it the first time, but you will eventually, people are nice in this community

I tried something similar but I think there may have been a language barrier since the only people on at the time didn’t speak very much English, I’ll give that a go

I must get all the bad lobbies, most of the people I’ve played online are just pricks, they won’t chat before the game to explain what you’d like to do and they ALWAYS (in my experience) join ‘noob’ games when they’re way better so that they can stomp worse players, I know you’ll never get better unless you play against better players, but there’s a limit to that, if you just get stomped every time, you don’t learn anything, this is why I never play anything online - I don’t mind winning or losing, but I just always seem to end up with rude people the few times I bother trying to play online.

I’ll just have to somehow find a way to get 3 people together who will agree to the achievement first and then play some real games.

Let’s create a group of 4 and we do the achievement for each one in the group. I am in :slight_smile:

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I’m up to help ,just need 1 more member :grinning:

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There is a Pinned thread in the steam forum with the only purpose to get people together to get this “Achievement”.
Persoanlly I really dont like this kind of achievements, since you can never get it in regular gameplay and therefore the only way to get it is cheesing it from the beginning… but I also understand anyone who wants to get it (myself included 11) for the purpose of somewhat completing something in AOE2

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How to convince Viper to smurf on your acc… :smiley:

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I must have gotten lucky then, all 3 people who joined my lobby were pretty cool

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That’d be good if we could just get one more person

I’m in, if you help me too : D

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Yeah, I hate that it’s a thing, I personally just like playing by myself vs the AI - if I have to somewhat cheese some of the more difficult achievements, if I just can’t get them I’m fine with that, but I don’t really like being forced to play online to get this one, especially when it’s such a brutally hard one to get.

I don’t have many achievements in any other game, and certainly no other 100%, but I feel I owe it to a game that has been such a staple from my childhood until now, they’ve done great updating it and keeping it alive so I feel it’s deserving of the 100% - also it does help you get a little more out of the game by making you do all the campaigns and playing in different ways than how you normally would, so I’m happy to do it, I just don’t like the need to play with other people in such a brutal setup to get this achievement.

I hear you there, I’m in the same situation - although I don’t mind playing online - the odds to be in that situation with 3 noobs are just too low

I’m not sure how to proceed but count me in if you want to get together in a lobby with 2 other! It’s the last achievement I’m missing too

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I think there was one more further down, add me on steam and we can figure out a time (please note that I’m in Australia, so this may be hard to coordinate

Gotcha - I don’t mind weird hours

It sucks!
I don’t mind playing with people if the teams are balanced and they’re nice, but for a 3v1, it just seems impossible without being incredible at the game, which I’m not

Add me on steam if you like and we can try and organise a game with the other two people above that were keen to work together, I am in Australia so it may be difficult to coordinate, but we’ll see how we go and hopefully we can get the achievement for all of us :slight_smile:

I am looking for people for this silly achievement too. Thank you.

here is my quick invite:

Done !

@PeachyString184 @MaxS713 here is my quick invite if you are still in :

Not sure if you still need this achivement - let me know. I sent an invite on Steam already.

Hey sent you an invite on Steam…If you still need this I have a few people to give it shot with. Let me know!