Can’t see my name on aoe4 leaderboard

Can’t seem to see my name on the Aoe4 leaderboard at all anyone else having this issue

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You have to play at least 10? games in 1v1, 2v2 etc to trigger the leaderboard in listing you.

162 including vs ai I’m level 121

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Vs Ai doesn’t count. Only PvP and only the section you are searching. Like at least 10 1v1 games against a player so you will show up in 1v1. 5 games in 1v1 and 5 in 2v2 you will show up nowhere.

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Leaderboard is for competitive play against other players. You need 10 games per game mode to show up at the leaderboard of a gamemode.

I used to be able to see me on the lb but can’t see anymore. Yes I know how to search for my name and I didn’t change anything. I’m around 1.1k elo.

IGN: storm

edit now it works again… lul