Can those who got USA through challenges have the DLC unlocked through Steam?

Those who earned the USA civ through challenges don’t have it unlocked in Steam.

So whenever there is a server maintenance, the USA is not available to us. Happens every time.

Is there a way we can have it unlocked on Steam so we can play with USA in single player during a server maintenance?


In my opinion, people who unlocked USA civ during the challenge should receive a key to this DLC inside the game - to be able to rewrite it. Or those DLC should be automatically added to your Steam account.


We practically have all the content of the DLC, which we unlock the civ through the challenge, icon and civ, but it is rare that we are considered that we do not have the DLC, you can not play in maintenance and things like that, but also when we play without internet we can’t use the US, please give a solution to this, they told us we could play the US without buying the DLC but they didn’t mention the previous problem

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