Can trading post display average resources per second?

Although trading post offers resources discontinuously, it had better display its work efficency like other economic units and buildings, so that players can rationally compare and make better economic decision.


I have always wanted to know how long each delivery takes to arrive, so it would be good to know in the interface.


Besides, remaining time of training, shipments, construction ,research and cooldown of militaries’ abilities is suggested to be displayed. Now that the range of unites and buidings as well as total income of each kind of resources per minute has been showed since former update, I believe that the game can be perfected in data details.


Right like a mini timer on the lower corner

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Hi, the base xp rate for a trade route is effectively 1xp/sec so the number displayed actually tells you the information you require. When you research stagecoach it’s nearly doubled, so you can gain the same info with some quick maths. Hope this helps.


If the stagecoach improves the rate with respect to the travois, why doesn’t the railway improve the rate with respect to the stagecoach?

vividlyplain A suggestion:

The Africa trade route upgrade ‘caravan trade’ has a speed of 7, and the ‘Trans-Saharan trade’ upgrade goes up to 8.50 speed, which is out of place since it would not be a railroad.

Why not just increase the delivery rate and leave the speed of 7 for the ‘Trans-Saharan Trade’ upgrade? It would make more sense since it would be camels.

You could also change the stagecoach for the camel track.


I don’t know how long are different trading routes. Maybe it should display the remaining time for the next delivery, like subways and buses in the real world. For example, the resources offered by Great Lakes’ trading post each time are more than 200. However, Great Lakes’ trading route is too long, so I always feel anxious when waiting for the next delivery. In the contrary, shorten trading routes have higher economic values on the account of time discount rate theory.

I think the amount of resources delivered depends on time and number of trade posts, so you can math your way to figure it out. But yeah, it would be cool to know this without doing the math.

So, if a primary trading post offers 200 resources for each delivery, the next delivery will arrive in 200 seconds later? And the length of it is 200*speed?

You need to normalize it to the default speed.

Pretty much. So if the travois is 1/4 of the route away from your node, it will arrive in 50 sec.

What if it would be good is to show in the interface how much experience each TP provides before building. Just as native settlements show what units and technologies are available, route TPs could show how much experience or other resources they grant.

Not needed, its always the same