Can we also have the Trade Post on maps similar to AoE4?

So I saw that in AoE4, there is the Trade Post buildings on maps, where you can have your trade cart travel to instead of sending it to an ally market. I think this is great specially on 1 V 1 maps, where your market can generate gold if you send it to these NPC controlled trade posts to earn extra gold.

Also, is there a way to command your trade carts to loop back and forth a market instead of commanding them each and every time to get to a market or return to your market? Thanks!

It would be interesting, but I think purists would not like it and I think a particular Map indeed have a Gaia market…?

Also, is there a way to command your trade carts to loop back and forth a market instead of commanding them each and every time to get to a market or return to your market? Thanks!

Does it not already work like this?

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Oh man the purists… Can’t they just play AoE2HD to get their pure AoE2 fix, and let AoE:DE evolve further?

Anyway, I dunno. I probably don’t know how to do it? I just feel its a hassle having to command them again after doing a trade with an ally market. Usually what happens, is after they return, they just stop in front of my market. I had to command them again to go to an ally market. I probably am not playing it right hahahah!!

No…? The game is the Definitive Edition, not the random mutation edition.

If you want things ‘evolving’ you can play AoE4 that it’s basically AoE2 but ‘envolving things further’.


Get your Caravan and give him an order to the allied market and done, that’s it. He will go to the allied market you ordered, get the gold and return to your market and loop back. You don’t need to give any other order other than go to the allied market.

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Hmmm… I’ll try that again. I usually play against AI tho. I’ll check what I’m doing wrong if ever.

Anyway, I get it, this game is supposed to be the “Definitive” AoE 2 experience. That said, this game already brought a ton of NEW features, civs and even gameplay that the original one didn’t have. And it did evolve things. Or maybe I’m using that word wrong (sorry english isn’t my native tongue) so I guess the right word would be add new features on top of the original?

As for AoE4, I personally am curious to play that game, but I am not confident my laptop would run that game compared to AoE2 DE. Hence I just thought adding that feature might be a nice idea in a future DLC or something.

Cant those who want aoe4 features play aoe4 instead of destroying the game that has a much largsr playerbase?

Anyway there is a map with marketplaces for trading. Feel free to play it


I would like to, but I sincerely doubt my laptop can run AoE4, hence I’m sticking with AoE2:DE. That said, I don’t see how adding a feature would destroy this game, considering they already added a ton of features and content already in DE?

Anyway, I’ll check that map out. Thank you!

Isn’t there a map in the game called “marketplace” that has neutral markets? I never played it so I can’t tell, but maybe it just didn’t work that well in AoE 2.


Because it impacts balance. Imagine if this feature was available on every map.
Civs who are stronfwe in the early game but fall off as gold runs out suddenly dont have that problem anymore.

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On the other hand you can say that every map has some balance problems, since some civs are just better on certain maps than others. Don’t worry, I don’t want neutral markets on every map either, but I think it could be tested a bit more by the playerbase on a few more kind of maps.

Im fine with it on a map or two but yeah. Widespread not so much. It literally favors many of the civs that already do vsry well.


i think ‘marketplace’ has gaia markets in (some?) corners

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It’s different adding a new Civ that put animals inside the Mill to get tickle of food or a unit that change from meele to ranged to a feature that change the entire gameplay loop of the it.

It’s like saying adding the Plantation building from AoE 3 will be ‘just adding new features, we already added a lot of them anyway!’

Marketplace and the map michi in 1v1 both have neutral Gauß markets.

IF you like the feature. Pick up map making and make an Arabia version with this. It’s not that hard rly.

1 - against the Ai sure, just keep it out of Ranked.

2 - They already do that.