Can we buff the Native Embassy?

It seems that the Native Embassy is the most useless building in AOE III right now. (Seriously… Some players do not even know that this building exists inside the game). So perhaps it is time to buff it a little bit. Perhaps it could increase the train limit of natives a little bit (perhaps by + 5) and you could lower its cost to 50 wood. Would be fun to see more design features in the game! Yours truly, StarryClover


I think that the embassy is perfect as a building, what needs to be polished a bit is the issue of natives, in order to make the fact of allying with a native more attractive.
I use the native embassy when I play with Incas very often, it is quite useful.


These are not mutually exclusive, I like both ideas.

Perhaps the Native Shipments we send could permanently add those tribes as allies.
It would enable Native decks in maps that do not even have Natives, for example.

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All they need to change about it is its build speed, my explorer has better things to do. Or at least let villagers finish the building.

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is not useless at all, i dont think it needs buff, maybe it only need a different icon on the explorer button to remember that we can build one.

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I agree that the Native Embassy can be useful for Incas because you can synergize two cards with each other: American Allies + Native Treaties (see this guide for the inca native rush: Inca Rush of Natives - ESOCommunity). But in the Incan case it is not so much about the Native Embassy as a building itself but more about the option too unlock additional natives (Caribs, Zapotecs and Mapuches) with the American Allies card to get more units with the Native Treaties card afterwards.

Other civs can only gain a positional advantage with the building. That can be good but honestly I don’t think it is worth it. There is another option to buff the building: You could make it a shipment point and/or a garrison point.

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While we are on this subject, I would also add that maybe the devs should make a new Native Embassy Model for Asian maps, the current one is fine for the Native American allies, but feel slightly out of place with the Asian allies.


Two ways I can think of:
(1) Count it as another trading post (i.e. increase the native warrior limit as if one builds a new trading post).
(2) (This is in the Napoleonic Era mod) Grant a free native embassy wagon as soon as the first trading post is built.

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IMO the most useless building is the livestock pen. The second most useless is the Native Embassy. Usually pulling natives from settlements is better for raiding.

The Livestock pen is good, if you are on a map that has a lot of heardables. It can get you thousands of Food very quickly, if well used, enabling a Fast Industrial strategy.

Works well with Portuguese, if you use the card that brings a bunch of Sheep and a Livestock Pen Wagon.

Did they make it only buildable via explorer? If so yet another dissapointment this game brings, originally settlers and villagers could build them too.

Livestock pen is one of the better ones, its a bit more micromanagement but the payoff is pretty great

Other Idea:
Upgrades for natives are researchable in the Native Embassy.
There is one upgrade for all Natives at once for every age. Making it cheaper to have multiple, especially when you get additional ones for the Home City.
The Upgrades also increase the build limit up to over all +100% in Imperial. 20% + 30% + 50%.

One has to be the most useless doesnt it? Next to that its pretty handy to be able to train natives at forward position. Its a niche building that serves it purpose.

At most maybe give it a build limit and have every embassy increase native build limit.

yeah the December patch

Native Embassies are now constructed by Heroes instead of Villagers . This prevents an issue where Town Centers would be pushed off the build menu for some Villagers when too many buildings were unlocked.

I would rather be able to build TCs with my Vills, than Native Embassies, so I think it was a great change.

TCs are just more important.

I don’t think anybody will disagree with the statement that TCs are more important. And I don’t really mind the change, I just don’t like how and why it was done.
I feel the option was removed because they couldn’t fix the bug that was associated with it, it feels like a band-aid fix untill they could figure out how to properly fix it. But when they noticed nobody cared they just shelved it.
It was not a great change, but simply removal of an option.

Again I don’t really mind the change itself though, just the message it conveys.

Thats… not how that works? Yeah tc are more important, but this seems like just utter lazyness of the developers, the original game had the possibility for villagers to build and tc and ambasy and they didnt have the problem did they?

Your argument is to say the least ricidulous, this bug is literaly one of the easiest things to fix, but the devs were just in no shape or form ready for an release yet they still pushed it through. If you are a good studio, when making a change or adition you first make it work, not release it half baked.

I think its not even reasonable to make up excuses for that. Its just lazyness at its highest. If it was a very important and hard to fix bug then I might have agreed leaving it for now and first focus on other important ones, but this bug seems and looks like one of the easiest bugs to fix in the entire game and wouldnt take more than 1-2 hours.

They should just not add anything if they are incapable of doing it, it just show how they work and how they are lazy and make bad discissions. They werent ready to release the game, yet they still did.