Can we fight against same civilization?

In AoE3 each civilization had one slot only. We could neither ally same civilization or fight the same civilization. In DE can we fight (Japanese vs Japanese) or (British+Indians vs Indians+Indians)?


yes you can, atleast in this test, had 2 teammates using inca and i think against one inca but definitely in one team

I mean for AI Singleplayer. Multiplayer it was already possible in old Aoe3, I know.

I think there was a trick. Set to 8 players and set player 8 to x. Then change to 7 players and set player 7 to x, continue doing so. Illasrly change back to 8 players. It should have safes all the civs.

Alteast that is what u have heard.

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I agree with you 100% I mainly play single player and I want to be able to fight a civil war, Aztecs against Aztecs , Shiane against Shiane and more.

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yes am aware of this trick, but the AI personalities conflicted with this workaround. I hope devs actually take some steps to officially implement this in game.

Yeah. Indeed what we want…We need AI to shut up when we play coop casual ai game and be able to choose repeated civs as enemies(ai) … to have more fun for example to kill a lot of elephants you know.

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I know this is damn late, but yes you can xD