Can we finally ban all lag user from multiplayer?

→ up the benchmark requirement so that people don’t have the ###### ##### before 800 pop
→ make benchmark mandatory after new patches
→ log the time a player has yellow/red clock. if he has it more than 10/5% of the game just multiplayer suspend him

thx very much


What is the ideal benchmark requirement? >1200? or >1000?

There are also server pings for different zones, why, I don’t understand eastus, westus3 get red ping in the lobbies. Although they have the higher speed connectivity than the southeastasia, korea central etc.,

1v1 is mostly fine like 99% of the time, so there’s no need to change it. If you want to up the benchmark, then it should be higher for team games only. So if someone doesn’t meet the higher threshold after doing the test, then a message pops saying they can only play 1v1.


Is 1000.0 good or bad?

bad. i have 1250 and it seems to be enough for everything. maybe 1120 to 1180 might be reasonable but i can’t determine the exact number.

just do anything against this mess on tg ladder.

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So >1200 is the best :melting_face:

yeah 1v1 is fine 99% because you get matched against people on your level. even if i’m 2k i get matched against 1500 or lower in tg which often cause huuuuuge lag

How about making two ladders? TG1 and TG2 for <1200 one and >1200 another respectively?

Lol, no, that’s not how lag works. Lag can only be caused by 2 things: internet speed or slow PC hardware. And maybe unnecessary high graphics settings and further distance of other players’ servers. Nothing to do with ELO skill level.

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not their rating causes lag but newbs are much more likely to have crap computers. if you play tg with lower rated friends or you solo queue and get lower team mates it’s much more likely to get lag. bc there are a lot of lower players then.

in the 1v1s and higher teamgames there is no problem.
lower team games are a disaster.

As I said, the higher benchmark for team games only would be a good idea. And a popup message to remind people to change all graphics settings to lowest possible and disable 3D and shadows etc.

What about making two ladders for team games TG1 and TG2?

letting all the laggers play each other KEKW not a bad idea

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Do you know what happened in the latest patch? The devs make a mess. For some reason it makes the game really laggy and even crashes a lot.

Before the patch it was fine. Now it is terrible. I cant even play the game anymore.

My benchmark test was 1150+. So upping the lower limit doesnt fix the crap of the latest patch


It was garbage before the patch, but yes, it’s somehow worse now.

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I didnt had any issues before the patch. Never had a yellow or red clock. Now i cant play the game anymore. It is so terrible since the last patch.

Devs should roll back the patch until a hotfix is ready.

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My ears were ringing a moment ago, this is why.