Can we get a way to turn off

Can we possibly get, a way in the Sound Settings or Gameplay Settings, to make it so we can turn off the Attack and Under Attack Bell/Alarm? It’s supremely annoying when you’re in a 4x4 battle, constantly at war, with this constantly going off. Just a general add-in would be great.

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Have you thought about how you are going to defend yourself if you don’t hear that notification? 11

I have not, however when you’re constantly at war pushing the enemy back, with a never ending stream of troops and all you hear is the alarm going off constantly and nothing else it get supremely annoying and it makes me not want to play.

Ok I can somewhat understand that, however usually that is not the case.

Perhaps you are often playing maps such as black forest that don’t see much early action and are mostly centered around one chokepoint.

Would it not be better to ask someone to make a sound mod to reduce the volume for that particular sound? Since I would consider it to be the most important one in the game.

This sound is like pain, it’s super annoying and you wish it could go away but when you think about it you realize it’s something 100% necessary

I’m right there with you, K405NK0NFU510N! In fact, I posted the following back in 2017 for AoE:DE… and have similarly mentioned a number of times in various places for AoE2:HD and AoE2:DE hoping to reach someone within the company with some pull who agrees to incite the change and implement the improvement.

  • “May we have separate audio sliders to adjust the volume of certain ‘loud’ and/or repetitious sounds? For example, the battle horn in AoE2 and 3 are very loud and repetitive, and a few of the units are, similarly, annoyingly loud/frequent (monk conversions and twinkles). Just use your best judgment to give us a few extra sliders you think a fair number of people might want. For battle horn, maybe even (also have) a ‘frequency’ slider so we can adjust how often it sounds (e.g., |infrequent|----|normal|----|frequent|)”

For AoE2:HD, I had to personally customize the volume of each of the above sounds using my own audio editing software, which I don’t feel should be necessary.

I’m actually very surprised by how so few people are bothered by the loud and incessant battle horn sounds. Or at least if they are annoyed, nobody ever speaks up. Which means the devs won’t change things I will have to customize the sounds again on my own, if DE lets me like HD did… but I will probably have no control over how often they play.

Early on in a match, I see the benefit of having more frequent battle horn sounds; probably every time you’re attacked. Makes sense. But as the match progresses and battles are constantly going on, the sound happens wayyyy too much. We know battles are raging constantly and everywhere, we don’t need a sound to remind us every 2 seconds.

Maybe a visual cue can be added and leveraged. An icon in the lower-right corner, for example that pulses red for a moment or something. Or a thin red line that displays along the top-border of the lower-right panel. I won’t go so far as saying having a visual pulse around the entire perimeter of the game’s viewport… that’d be way overkill. Something subtle, yet noticeable and not in-your-face. A visual cue, if even necessary, would serve as a balance so we don’t hear nearly as many battle horn sounds.

Plus this visual feedback would help those who don’t hear very well… so there could be an Accessibility component to it – unless this kind of visual indicator battle horns is already in the game for that.

In the end, all’s I’m saying is, surely, there must be a better way…??

I agree on the volume sliders for important sounds such as battle horns.

I disagree on the frequency slider, I believe everyone shoud be on the same time interval for fairness. Otherwise one might be forced to select a higher frequency, not to receive less notifications than his enemy. Essentially this would force a competitive player to have the sound on more frequently, just in case, probably against his own pleasure. And I would like to mention (I play on HD) that also lategame I consider the battle sounds highly important, when you are fighting on 4 fronts there is so much happening.

I agree on a brief visual cue, I would suggest the border of the minimap making a subtile red pulse. Only behind a toggle.

Since 99% of my games are Single-player vs. AI, or with a friend vs. AI, I should have every right to have less frequent battle horn sounds… and it wouldn’t impact you at all.

The notion of there being some sort of battle horn competition with your online competitor regarding who has more frequent horn blasts seems odd to me. If that’s a concern, then every online multiplayer player should just have the most frequent battle horn sounds enabled. And as it would be an option in the menus, you’d have every right to make it that way… while I would have every right to how I want to have it when I play all my single-player matches where I don’t need a reminder once per second that battles are happening.

Reminds me of when you call a company and you’re sitting on hold for 20 minutes but you hear a message every 15 seconds saying your call is important to them and the call will be answered in the order it was received. Dear Company - Please repeat that again! I forgot what you told me 15 seconds ago. Is my call important to you? Darnit, I can’t remember. Will my call ever be answered? Oh! Thank goodness, it will be answered in the order it was received. Got it!! Nothing like hearing that 4 times per minute, 40 times per 10 minutes, and 80 times per 20 minutes.

Wow I typed a whole comment, and then I came to this simple realisation;

A frequency toggle is not a problem, as long as it can only reduce the frequency.

So [infrequent] and [normal]

Haha no problem.

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Ha, no problem :slight_smile:

If the frequency of battle horn sounds currently in AoE2:DE is the upper threshold of the frequency slider, that’d definitely be okay with me. I personally certainly don’t need more.

I imagined some people might want even more frequency than default, though, which is why in my proposed slider I mentioned an even higher frequency of occurrence. But, again, I’m okay with “Normal” being the highest frequency. By default, the game could ship with that setting; but I’d have the option to lower it to a more comfortable amount.

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I’m happy that we can agree! GG

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