Can we get AoM DE?

Themista who is one of the best aom players of all time did so good tourney on the Best aoe 4 tourney at the moment, can we get finally a good game of age of mythology?


I hate to be pessimistic but from the way things are going with:

  • New realeses:
    -AoE IV
  • AoE 2 DE New DLC

*New Sequel development:

  • COH 3

*Radio silence from the Forgotten team and Relic on age of mythology.

  • lack of updates/events/patchs.
  • AoM receiving the same level of treatment that AoE 1 received, even the poster was removed from the official Website for a while.
    -last hint of them making any AoM DE was one or two years ago (pre AoE IV release) and even that hint is open for interpretation.

I truly hope I’m wrong and that they are actually working on it in a sort of super secretive project. But man at this point is just a guessing game and every other day i see a post such as this one saying “When will get AoM DE” that is meet with silence from the devs which is quit frustrating.

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I think that they will release it this year, at least that is the general trend, AoE1 DE in 2018, AoE2 DE in 2019, AoE3 DE in 2020 and AoE4 in 2021. So I expect AoM DE in 2022. But the problem is whether it’ll get the same treatment as AoE1 or not… The funny thing is if AoE1 or AoM got the same treatment as AoE2 and 3 I am certain that their player numbers can challenge AoE3’s numbers but they don’t support AoE1 DE for some reason, I hope AoM does get the support it deserves once DE comes out.


That’s why I’ve been telling everybody we need an AoM Definitive Edition, hopefully for this year. The devs said they didn’t forget about AoM, and I think this is the perfect year because AoM was released in 2002, so this would be an excellent opportunity for a 20th anniversary surprise.

I think they understimate aom so much, probably we are not much players but we have solid community, for example soon we Will have the Best aom tourney on ee at the moment with 2k of dolars hosted by boit, Even themista Will to participate. Lets see if Microsoft finally pay attention on us.


AOM is my second favorite Age game, right behind 3.

I would far rather have an AOM:DE than buy 4. 4 is not happening for me.


Alright, first things first. Stop tooting another players horn.
Most of the best players don’t WANT attention, nor participate in tournaments.
Could not give 2 s**ts about some random junk player who needs attention, who got it simply because the actual good players don’t want anything to do with needy attention seeking events. It’s needy. Gross.

2nd, yes, AOM:DE needs to happen, with PROPER graphics & texture updates.
The player base for it would blow AOE3:DE and easily AOE4 out of the water.
It was a better game at its 2002 release and it would be today.

They need to do it.

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