Can We Get Fun Weekly Custom Playlist in QM?

I think it would be a great for community growth and player retention to have some sort of fun and non-competitive weekly quick match playlist, custom-tailored by devs with fun parameters.

You can do so many things, like:

  1. 2v2 400 pop Castle age only team arena
  2. 3 player vs 5AI survival mode (1 sacred site in the players’ base, timer set to 20 minutes)
  3. 3v3 water map with safe enclosed fishing sites.
  4. 8 player FFA nomad
  5. Imperial age only team arena
    etc. etc.

The possibilities are endless, and devs could rotate them on a weekly basis. These can drive new and fun streamer engagements and have inactive players check in once or twice a month to enjoy a fun custom mode.

Sure, we have custom game browser, but there aren’t that many people playing this game to have a lot of variance. The most popular ones are like 400 pop 30 minute treaty or just a simple practice match.



Would like something like this too. Use quick match as like a test area for game modes.

Think 400 pop is to much. Would make to many computers lag. 250 max in 4vs4 games.

Nomad, ffa, deathmatch mode and also keep standard team games