Can we get Monk Conversion Time Indicators?

That would be good addition.

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But the required conversion time is randomized right now

The time indicator would only indicate how much time each monk have been wololoing, and that info would mean not much because you wouldnt know how many time is there left before the conversion. Thus, tracking this indicator would be meaningless a lot of times, which may be a distraction

The recent faith bar is enough in my opiniom


Whats the problem to make it show how many time is there left before the conversion?

Conversions have some randomness thrown into them. It could be 8 seconds to convert or 10 seconds.

How do you put a timer on that?

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I am talking about visual indicator… And how do u know about randomnes?

From what i found conversion works as attempts made by the Monk. Basically every in-game second the Monk try to covert its target, with the first 3 tries automatically failing and the 10th being a guaranteed success.
So the only counter you could add would be how many attempts were made, which doesn’t help a lot.

It that really how it works? I always assumed the game was just generating a random number (for the conversion time) between a minimum and a maximum when issuing the conversion order.

I found it here : Conversion | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom

I didn’t found any other source, so I don’t know for sure if it is right or wrong.

Yes, this is the conversion mechanics. 4-10 second is the conversion time. Randomization helps to avoid self destruction.

not really, it was probably initially added for fun, and then like so many other obsolete things in aoe, was simply left there because it had always been there, like the foundation scanning bug

yeah thats it, and theres bunch of vids out there as well, likely SOTL as well

here’s one

Even if the randomess was decided beforehand (the game already “knows” how long the conversion is going to take) I would argue a timer would be a bad thing. See your monk will take a long time? Switch targets, or put an extra monk on the same target to rerandomize the timer. See an enemy monk with 0.1 seconds left to convert your knight? Delete it.

I would probably prefer just a plain consistent conversion time (with or without timer) over a random conversion time with visible timer. There is still room for abuse, like deleting units at just the right time, but there’s a bit less of it.