Can we get "Murder Holes" tech change to make it viable?

Cause it seems to me its just ussles and nobody use it.

Noobs love the tech, so is it really useless?


Am noob. Can confirm love for the tech.


It’s just very situational, as you rarely need it. Maybe one could make a case for changing the 100 stone cost to say 200 wood though.

what would you change it to though? like the only thing beneficial would be +2 dmg v rams, but then it would be too powerful…

The stone cost makes it expensive but the mechanics of the tech itself is fine, Teuton players definitely make use of it because it is free & it does improve effectiveness of forward castles - it just doesn’t provide enough benefit in most situations to justify the cost (You can stone wall around castle for less stone cost than researching tech etc.) if you have to pay for it

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I mean, I understand why pros don’t use it very often, but noobs do.

Pros use castles to protect economy (defensive), attack economy (castle drop), or control neutral resources. Pros use military to defend castles.

Noobs tend to use castles as military units and the castle arrow fire to defend itself. Therefore, murder holes is more useful for noobs.

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Talking after a match with a friend a weird idea came up. I really don’t know if is a good idea but I will share here. What about if Murder holes gives Castles a new attack that consist in a cannonball falling on an adjacent enemy, like literal murder hole.
Could work like this, when a castle targets an enemy adjacent unit switch from arrows attack to murder hole attack which is stronger but much slower and a little area damage…

This is what AoM does and absolutely no one ever takes the tech as a result in this game.

Honestly you have it right. I use my krepost and towers to attack. With murder holes i can leave my multiple buildings unguarded and focus on maneuvering through the enemy town. It doesn’t help much against rams but is great on knights and champion. There is a big difference in how long i get to pull my guys back to clean up as well. My 3 krepost stack with murder holes will clean up enemy rams as well. That has more so to do with how many arrows are fired but it still puts in work. Im 700 player right now and if i plan to use the tech 100 stone isn’t much to protect on average 7 krepost and 2 towers. I like it and think it serves a purpose.