Can we get some bang for our buck?

DISCLAIMER: This is a question related to the Points Shop where we can spend our accumulated virtual shekels and not about the in-game performance or other issues.

DISCLAIMER ID NUMBER IRRELEVANT XB0X NOISES: This does not concern people who use XBox to play Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

I am sure many players have gained, earned or found a lot of Steam Points that can be used in the Steam Points Shop for various cool trinkets, effects, accessories and much much more. Though, a lot of us (especially me) have not found any meaningful or many relatable offers there. Some have definitely acquired new emoticons (AoE themed) or a new profile background with a Teutonic Knight flying for the hills, but since it is quite easy to come across those Precious Puntos.

Therefore, my request would be to perhaps have more content added to the Steam Points Shop for Age of Empires II: Definite Edition game category. I certainly could use a few more cool new toys (READ: weapons of war and instruments of death) in my collection that I can use to engage with the Steam community or simply just harass my friends (this one is clearly more common surely).

But wait! There is more… (beside the standard emoticons and profile backgrounds)

  • You can now acquire Animated Stickers which you can use in chat and we currently have big fat ZERO of those right now.
    Who would not want a monk menacingly trying to convert you animation that you can use to bombard your friends with? WOLOLOLOO (definitely not alone on this one)
    Or perhaps a wolf or a wild boar chase animation?
    Maybe even a wonder destruction or a duel of fates between a berserk and a champion. (I wonder which one would win, hmmm…)
  • The other thing added is Room Effects which is an animation overlaying the entire chat box. Cool right?
    From the top of my head I can come up with some random Petard explosions, Fish jumping out and rippling back into the non-existant steam-water or an army of Mongols (WE ARE DOOMED FOR CERTAIN) galloping across the screen.

Now, if I could I would do it myself, since even an oaf like me can extract the 2D frames/gifs from the game files and compile them to decent animations. However, I have no official power to contact Steam in such manner to add such content. So, hopefully, perhaps for Christmas or New Year’s Eve we can get something? Besides we all know and you say it yourself the animation and artwork team do work in their field regardless of the pile of stuff left to do for all the coders.

And if this is your first time hearing about the Steam Points Shop, then here is the link -
>>>> CLICK ME <<<<

And for all the other scrubs how made it this far into the post — GOOD! Pat on the head for you, pat on the head.