Can we have a dragon added as a scenario editor only unit?

Exactly as the title says. I really don’t want to use data mods at all, but I have a scenario that could really benefit from a dragon unit. I know it’s a bit mythological, but a dragon would look a lot cooler than having to use a Komodo dragon. I wouldn’t be surprised if other people would use a dragon as well in their scenarios if it got added. What do people think?


I fully agree with this.castles knights dragons complete any medieval setting.

Heck even aoe has a nice dragon.


Free forgotten empires was coming with a dragon scenario editor unit


Indeed it was.

I’ve wanted more scenario editor units like generic mounted skirmisher instead of the Genitor, mounted crossbowmen/Cranequinier etc…the crusader knight wasn’t enough.


A man of culture I see.


Even better, the dragons could be assignable to different players, be able to have a color set for them, which would change the color of the scales, and best of all, what if they were linked to architecture sets? There are a lot of different dragons, here are just some ideas, which are just randomly lifted from the internet:

MesoAmerican Dragon: Queztacoatl, the Feathered Serpent

Some of the European style dragons:

East Asian Dragon: A Chinese Dragon, but easily recognized


That’s just a few ideas, there are a lot of different options. What do people think about having dragon graphics linked to Architecture set?

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@IkoKnight8151, can the team have a look at this? Not sure who to ping about something like this.


I shared with the team your suggestion, thanks for mention me :smiley:

They confirmed me that there are currently no plans to add this dragon unit to the game. Thanks anyway for your suggestion!

Ok, if that changes sometime in the future that would be awesome. This would really help make one of my scenarios a heap better. Thanks for checking anyway.

If you change your mind on datamod, could one of these be right for you?

No. Baring the no data mod thing, I feel like they just don’t fit the game as well visually as an actual dragon would. Thanks for trying to help though. :smiley: I also think that adding it ingame has a lot more longterm viabilty for the community as a whole.

I read the book of the dragons, wich have all needed info. This look pretty good!

Dragons make more sense than Cobra cars as a cheat unit


Yes. They shouldn’t be a cheat unit though, scenario editor is better.


I do think some fantasy elements for custom scenarios might revitalize the storytelling scenarios scene a bit.


Why not bring back the old dragon?
A lot of scenario used it and it was quite fun.
It could be great like the dragon to have heroes who do blast radius.
It really miss to the game this possibility. Imagine a franck who throw axis who attack like a balista.
A malian who throw a little bomb instead of a projectile like a slinger.

Also a lot of unit are missing in the editor

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