Can we have a new type of wall added?

After playing AoE IV, I still prefer AoE2. However there was one feature of AoE IV that I wish AoE2 have. Units going on walls. This was really cool. Because it would break the balance if normal walls in AoE2 could do this, can we have a new type of wall: Imperial Wall. This would almost certainly have to be a scenario editor only object, to preserve balance but still having it. This new wall is a 2x2 tile wall, and can have units garrisoned on it, with garrisoned units appearing on top. Imperial Gates would also be added to match the wall. For units to climb onto the wall, they must be clicked onto it. They then move towards the closest Imperial gate, or tower adjacent to the wall, before appearing on the wall. Siege Towers ungarrison units onto Imperial walls as well, including enemy units. This would be a really useful scenario object, really fun to play with, and could significantly improve some scenarios.


If it’s possible with the game’'s engine. I do recall seeing some sort of very old mod with units on the walls for the original game.

These walls in scenarios could be made by using a triggers so villagers can build them if you want to.

If they are added as a scenario editor object, you can both place them, and if you want villagers to be able to build them then you can just use the “Enable unit/building” trigger. I really hope it would be possible in the engine because this would be very useful for some scenarios.

Maybe also reskin and make more seamless wall connections, especially on some uneven terrain.

I like the idea of units on walls very much! would also give the siege towers currently in the game much greater appeal to me! Maybe this could even be incorporated into palisade walls as well, (therefore 2 types of “imperial wall”) which may sort out the balancing issue since I would like to have this as a building option in any game.

Would be pretty wild to have the ability to create bridges or have bridges in scenario editor that boats can go under.