Can we have an option for the loud announcements back please?

Recent patch made the ingame events much smaller. Was in a fun skirmish only to discover that the enemy had done a trade monopoly, didn’t notice a tiny countdown in the top right (just a coin and small text) before the 1 minute mark hit when it was too late.

Can we have it back please as an option? I liked the big splashes when something important happened, plus the current timers is so tucked away for something so important, plus it was fun to have big swirling double pistols when revolving instead of a tiny little banner

Yeah, between screen-covering splashes and being hard to see, there could have been a healthy middle ground.

An example is how major events (like entering a new age, player elimination) are declared in Rise of Nations: a small, non-transparent window pops up in the middle of the screen that lasts 1 second, then “shrink down”, animatedly, into the message row.